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2016 Bible Challenge

The 2016 Bible Challenge has begun!

Are you looking for a way to deepen your understanding
of what it means to be the Jesus movement?

Join the Rev. Peter Rodgers, Vicar at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Antelope and Director of the Center for Bible Study, who invites us into a weekly meditation on Luke and Acts, the story of Jesus and of the early church. Each week, the Rev. Rodgers or one of his biblical studies students will provide a meditation on the chapter of the week.

Click below to access the meditations/bulletin inserts for each week:

Luke Chapter 1 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 2 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 3 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 4 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 5 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 6 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 7 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 8 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 9 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 10 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 11 (pdf)

Luke Chapter 12 (pdf)